About Fact-Checking

Tech Geek Fact makes fact-checking straightforward by answering this question: Is a factual assertion about technology true?

Fact-checks set the record straight by providing or confirming accurate information. Also, they build a record on the veracity of those who speak or write about technology.

Statements chosen for fact-checks are verifiable, substantial, questionable, and are likely to be of interest to tech enthusiasts or the broader public.

Fact-check rulings are based on such statements, as quoted by Tech Geek Fact. They use information available at the time of the statements.


True: Accurate and essentially complete.

Mostly True: Accurate, but lacks clarity or information.

Half True: Partially accurate, but lacks important detail or is out-of-context.

Mostly False: Inaccurate but contains a bit of truth.

False: Inaccurate.

Head Crash: Ridiculously inaccurate.

Adapted from the Principles and About pages of PolitiFact.

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